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Meditation can help us develop a constant balanced state, a deep sense of connection with our inner selves and a lasting direction and meaning to our lives. More and more people across the globe are turning to meditation, realising that in order to reach our full potential as complete, balanced human beings, our inner spiritual longings must be addressed along with the material demands of daily life.

The practice of Sahaj Marg is both simple and effective. It includes a morning meditation, evening cleaning meditation and a short prayer at bedtime. All the elements combine to create a complete system which enlivens us every day and makes us better able to change and grow. One of the unique features of Sahaj Marg is called transmission and you can find out more about it by watching this video. [Play Video]

SRCM has a network of prefects in cities and other centres around the world who can provide information and introduce people to the practice. Prefects are people who practise Sahaj Marg meditation and have been trained to provide ongoing support to others. They meet with abhyasis (spiritual aspirants) regularly for one-to-one meditation sessions and to give guidance and support where necessary. They also conduct group meditations, where people can gather together to meditate in silence.

The essence of any method is in the practical experience of it. In order to fully appreciate if Sahaj Marg is for you, we suggest that you try it sincerely for three to six months and to feel the effects of this meditation for yourself.
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The System of TransmissionMeditation to live a balanced life

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